Master Greg Walters

Eagle Martial Arts Founder | Head Master | Hapkido 8th Dan

Head Master Greg Walters has been practising martial arts for over 30 years, first practising Taekwondo in the 1970’s. He currently holds a 7th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido and assists in instruction at Eagle Martial Arts.

Head Master Greg Walters trained under a 9th Dan Korean Hapkido master for over 10 years before branching out to found Eagle Martial Arts.

Master Scott Walters

Head Instructor – Hapkido | Hapkido 6th Dan

Master Scott Walters is the head instructor for Hapkido at Eagle Martial Arts. Master Walters is a 6th Dan Hapkido certified instructor who has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years, first earning his Taekwondo black belt at 10 years old.

Master Walters trained under a 9th Dan Korean Hapkido master in Australia and also spent one year training in Korea in 2003. He has trained a 1st place Best Adult Male and 2nd place Team Demo in the AUS National Hapkido Championships.

Master Walters is dedicated to train his students to the best of their abilities with a focus on self-defence and self-discipline.

Instructor Alex Tse

Head Instructor (Casual) – Brazillian Jiu Jitsu | Hapkido Instructor | Hapkido 4th Dan

Alex Tse Has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years Starting at the age of 5yrs in Shaolin Kung Fu and progressing towards Japanese Ju Jitsu then focusing on Hapkido for the last 12 yrs earning the Rank of 4th Degree black belt and his Instructors certificate. He is also training in BJJ and wrestling for the past 5 yrs and is still an active competitor holding a current rank of Blue belt 4 Stripe and continues his BJJ training under the instruction of Thiago Stefanutti and Bernie Jenkins From Morambra Brothers Jiu Jitsu

-2004 1st Place Korean National Team Demonstrations
-2006 1st Place Best Adult Male AUS National Hapkido Championships
-2007 1st Place Open Weight White belt Vic BJJ Championships
-2008 2nd Place 91kg White Belt BJJ National Championships
-2008 2nd Place 86kg Dominance MG Submission only Tournament
-2009 2nd Place 91kg Blue Belt BJJ Vic Championships

Instructor Chung Yew Wai

Head Instructor – Striking/Kick Boxing | Hapkido 1st Dan

Chung Yew Wai is EMAs resident kickboxing instructor. He has a competed professionally in the Muay Thai / Kickboxing circuit, and has fought in K1 and Muay Thai events. He has trained in Muay Thai and Kickboxing for many years, having trained in Thailand under Kru Chacrit, and fighting under the guidance of Kru Dennis Sor Nak Dee of Dynamite Muay Thai. Chung took time off Hapkido to solely focus and pursue his passion to compete in the ring, and in his pursuit has been able to successfully combine the techniques of Hapkido, Muay Thai and Kickboxing together.

He holds a fight record of 2W | 2D | 1L