1. Hapkido
  2. Striking / Kickboxing


Hapkido class encompasses all traditional aspects of Hapkido; striking, kicking, techniques, throws, break-falling etc. Unlike some other martial arts the class focuses more on self defense and fitness than it does on the competitive aspects. Hapkido focuses on training the mind and body through hard training and intricate techniques. Other aspects have been added to the class to include self defense techniques that are not traditionally in the syllabus, such as head lock escapes and basic ground work defense for example. For more information on Hapkido please see our about hapkido page.



The EMA kickboxing class focuses on building cardio fitness, power, and strength. The class merges the fast striking techniques and precision from Hapkido, with the power and conditioning from Muay Thai and Kickboxing. Chung brings a wealth of experience and technique to his sessions and approaches each training session like a preparation for a fight, to bring the best out of all participants.